All Saints' Church, Crewe

All Saints Church with its distinctive modern design was consecrated in October 1965. The church won several design awards when it was first built.

As you enter the church building you see the light, wooden interior, with the central sanctuary space. The aisle travels in around the sanctuary, in front of the congregation to the altar - great for weddings as everyone gets to be close to the bride and groom.

Moving around the sanctuary, with a view of the Altar frontal, and the electronic organ and choir stalls in the background to the right

Another view of the altar, looking back to towards the main entrance. This shows the distinctive awning over the altar, reminiscent of the 'tent of meeting' in the book of Exodus, where God met with Moses.

A view of the large circular stone font, situated behind the sanctuary area. We could almost perform baptism by immersion here!

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